Stenoboard, the open source stenographic keyboard

Improve your typing speed, save your hands


Stenoboard v1.1 kits available for order at See the 3D preview of v1.1 here.

Thanks to open source stenography, now you too can join chorded typing at a fraction of the cost that was required to buy a steno machine (proprietary solutions cost $2000+) and no software costs at all (proprietary steno software costs a lot and most of them also require a big yearly fee).

For more information on open source stenography, and stenography in general, make sure to watch the inspiring presentation of Mirabai Knight, the founder of Plover, here on the right!

About Stenoboard

After many iterations and a lot of testing, Stenoboard is now available and it is totally open source, including case/keys and PCB design files, and of course a free and open souce firmware, StenoFW.

Here a list of StenoBoard features as of today:

Some ideas for possible future improvements and addons: